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Welcome to Rough Cut Sawmill and Lumber Co.  We currently are offering only semi-truck load orders only.  If you think you can fill a flat bed then feel free to call us.  605-580-5496

Using Rough Cut Lumber is Better
Rough Cut Lumber ProfessionalsWoodworkers love rough cut lumber for a number of reasons. It is usually sold at a lower cost of finished lumber, and it is available much thicker than finished cuts. Many woodworkers and carpenters actually prefer rough cut lumber because it provides more lumber to work with, because it is based on actuall size and not nominal sizes like the lumber yard.  Rough Cut Lumber normally when you buy a 2x4 it is 2"x4" minus a little for shrinkage, which gives the skilled woodworker more of a margin for error while saving money at the same time.


Many do it yourselfers and woodworkers are turning to rough cut lumber, then, as a way to stretch their project dollars and ensure they work with quality materials.

Rough Cut Lumber Is Cheaper

Because our mill does not have to smooth or dry the lumber, it is delivered to our customer at a more reasonable price than commercial lumber. Not only is it cheaper, but we believe it is as good if not better than what you would find at a traditional lumber company.  Our band milling process, is a different type of saw (Non-Circular), so by definition it is already pretty smooth, and often doesn't even need to be planed or sanded.

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Our rough cut lumber is, simply put, lumber which skips a step of the finishing process. Instead of being smoothed and then dried like commercial lumber, our rough cut lumber is simply cut from green or deadwood and then stacked waiting delivery. Because it has not been finished, it is left with a semi rough surface, often only needing a light sanding for enterior work. You can use our contact us page to receive a price quote on a custom order.  Please list your requests like this:

12 - 1"x 8" x 12'
16 - 6 x 8 x 14'
1  - 4 x 24 x 8-0

And please add your delivery address for an appropriate delivery quote.  Thank You!

Currently serving customers in:

North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Colorado, Minnesota and Nebraska


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