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Rough Cut Sawmill and Lumber Company
Rough Cut Sawmill and Lumber Company is located in the Northern Black Hills of South Dakota just a few miles outside of Deadwood.  Working from a remote location at 6800' elevation.   We started this business to provide lumber to locals who are interested in a better value lumber.  We originally discovered a need through our own demand and decided to try and fill a niche market.  It didn't make sense to drive from the top of the mountain where all the trees are down to the flatlands, pick up a load of lumber and drive it back up the hill.  "Let's provide lumber at the source, which would save the logger and the buyers alot in fuel and time.

With the expanding mountain pine beetle epidemic into this region, we encourage people to research and familiarize themselves with the beetle kill that is taking place in this region. The beetles have thrived due to the recent warm winters and dry summers, and large amounts of acreage are becoming infected. The epidemic is spreading at a rapid pace and once infected the trees have a three to five year window for salvage value. Rough Cut Samill and Lumber Company is trying to utilize the infected wood, because once the window of salvage value ends the trees rot. Only 1-2% of the infected timber will be utilized before it does rot, leaving large amounts of unusable timber and leaving a large forest fire hazard. We believes that people are finally starting to notice the epidemic and researching ways of using this wood and will provide it to mills like ours.   It is a shame all the destruction that is taking place, so using what we can before it is gone is the best thing we can do for our environment and forests.

Rough Cut Sawmill and Lumber Company was just awarded the nations highest level of environmental certification through Green Star Certified, a U.S. Energy Council program to promote environmental awareness and encourage businesses to self-sustainability.

Rough Cut Samill and Lumber Company only offers internet orders through it's contact page.  If you would like to have an estimate of pricing and services please contact us for a quote.  We will respond to your request as quick as possible.  Thank You!

We are currently working on Spring and Summer 2011 air dry deliveries.  We also can provide unlimited length in our lumber.  Our mill is only limited by the length of the tree!  We will also cut your trees into lumber.

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About our mill -

This is the Timberking 1220 which we have, however this is not our mill.  This is a fellow sawyer in Wyoming.