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Mini - Log Cabin Kits

Mini - Log Cabin Kits

Log cabin kits are increasingly getting popular as an alternate guest house, extra room, sauna, sports room, man cave, children's playhouse/room, weight rooms, or simply storage shed. that captures the rustic simplicity and cozy atmosphere of solid log construction that were the first robust structures our ancestors enjoyed back in the pioneering days of American history.

Today, they come without the back-breaking tenacity one needs to build traditional log cabin homes.  We now offer do-it-yourself kits of milled dovetail logs cut to size. Our log cabin kits include everything you need to build your log cabin (See Detailed - Kit Includes)

For many homeowners who want to maximize living space on a relatively large tract of land, adding a room annex can be expensive if constructed to flow from the house.  But it’s good to know that there are mini log cabin kits that can suit your needs for a utility room, a small office, a work room, a pool house, a hunting lodge, a farm house, a tool shed or even a kid’s play room that can be a better and safer alternative to a tree house.  They are also ideal for weekend homes in the boondocks or hunting lodges and camping resort homes for a small family instead of using sleeping bags out in the elements. Unlike log cabin homes that have more architectural varieties and levels of elaborate designs as well as floor areas, our mini log cabin kits are simpler more modest compact houses with a rectangular floor shape and designed to offer the coziest ambiance anywhere. 

We will be providing floor plans and price structures very soon with full Kit Includes.

Example Mini - Log Cabin Ideas:
- Office
- Cabin Rentals
- Work Room
- Kids Cabin
- Family Room
- Media Room
- Spa or Sauna
- Tool Shed
- Guest House
- Wood Shed
- Man Cave
- Woman's Den
- Cat/Dog House
- Hunting Lodge/Cabin
- Weight Room